Buy Your Ultimate Battle Ready Gaming PC Now and Pay Later

Building the right mod for your gaming pc or getting a durable laptop that can keep up with your full-time and side hustles is easier with PC Broker.

PC Broker has a wide selection of components, gaming pc, and other computer units and accessories that can easily meet your needs at more affordable prices. They offer:

  • components
  • webcams, speakers, and other peripherals
  • Packages: gaming, PC, PISOnet, etc.

And they also offer technical support for the non-techie individuals who wish to navigate the world of technology.

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With UnaCash Credit Line, you can get what you need NOW and pay for them LATER at 5% interest rate. You also:

  • get up to 50,000php
  • apply for 5 or 6 months loan terms
  • 100% online application

Watch the full “How to Apply” YouTube video here https://bit.ly/3gKQBKA



  1. Get approved for an UnaCash Credit Line.
  2. Select PCBroker from the list of merchants.
  3. Add the desired item to your cart.
  4. Check out your items.
  5. Choose the loan terms of payment.
  6. Accept the loan documents.
  7. And continue shopping!
download on google play

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