Frequently Asked Questions about UnaCash

What is UnaCash Credit Line?

Credit line is an approved amount of loan from UnaCash that you serves as a cardless credit card. It has a revolving type of credit where your credits will be replenished as soon as you repay your loan.

How to use your Credit line?

There are three ways to use your UnaCash credits. You can:

  1. Withdraw your credits as cash through our partner banks and outlets;
  2. Spend your credits to buy items from our partner stores now and pay later for as low as 0%* interest rate; or
  3. Transfer to your Lazada Wallet.

How much is the interest rate of the Credit line?

We provide the the lowest interest we can. The charges are being set on individual basis and it depends on your individual profile. Please read through your disclosure statement.

What do you need to apply for a credit line with UnaCash?

For first time users, apply using 1 valid government ID and 1 proof of income. Once you repay your loan with interest, the principal amount will automatically replenish in your account.

What is the maximum credit amount I can loan?

The maximum loan amount is 50,000php and the minimum is 2,000php. The approved amount depends on the customer's credit scoring.

What is the maximum loan terms?

For loans greater than 10,000php, we have a flexible loan term of 1 to 6 months, which loans below 10,000php,the loan term is 5 to 6 months

Will my credit limit increase?

Yes, your credit limit will have a chance to increase with continuous use and good repayment history. Keep using your credits as cash, Buy now Pay Later, or Lazada and ALWAYS pay your dues on time for higher chances of increasing your limit.

Is UnaCash available outside the Philippines?

As of now, UnaCash app is only available in the Philippines.

What if I want to pay off my loan early?

You can pay your loan earlier than your loan maturity date. Check your amortization schedule in the App for exact figures on how much you need to settle to close your account.

Is there a fee to cancel disbursed loan?

You need to send us a request to cancel released loan amount within 5 days upon disbursement. You should deposit the principal amount back including the 500php pre-termination fee using any payment channels and send us a proof of payment via care@unacash.com.ph. Please wait for 24-48 hours before the App will display that the account is closed.

How to avoid scammers?

To avoid scams and other fraudulent activities, do not share your passwords, OTPs, or any personal information outside the UnaCash app or thru any Facebook page messenger claiming to be from UnaCash. Your private information and OTP if shared can be used to withdraw money from your UnaCash loan account.

If you need any help with your loan or account, please contact care@unacash.com.ph or collection@unacash.com.ph for repayment concerns.

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