Fish n' Chix

Looking for fresh and high quality fresh and frozen goods? Look no further! Fish n’ Chix has it all for you!


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Struggling where to get fresh meat and seafood?

Fish n’ Chix has a wide selection of fresh goods such as:

  • Fish and other seafood like Tanigue, Salmon, Talakitok, Grouper, King Fish, catfish and more.
  • Whole, cut, or ground chicken and black chicken plus liver, gizzard, and yakitori and chicken eggs
  • Ground and cut pork meat and other parts
  • Regular and premium beef
  • Ready meals like dimsum, samgyupsal, and shabu-shabu

How to shop fresh from Fish n' Chix?

  1. Select Fish n' Chix from the list of merchants.
  2. Add your items to the cart & check out.
  3. Choose loan terms & accept loan documents.
  4. Continue shopping.